How do chrome extensions makes money

How do chrome extension makes money

Every people think about it that how do chrome extension makes money. Every person who uses chrome browser in its laptops or PC should know about extension.Many people uses ads blockers like extension. But do you know how chrome extension get revenue.How you are using these chrome extensions for free in your browser. How extension earn money from us. If you want to know about how do chrome extension makes money,do extension makes money from us and how chrome extensions get revenue. See our blog full till last.

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How do chrome extensions makes money

How do chrome extension makes money” for the answer to this question is that chrome extension get revenue basically from three ways. These are the ways from which extension makes money is given below:-
1.Paid by the users
Some extension earn Money by getting money from their users. The revenue for this extension is from getting money from the user by providing services to the their users.
Like grammerly, keywords planner,etc.They tell their users to pay money for their premium services.

2.Earn money by ads
Extension earn money by placing ads and earn money. These chrome extension are basssically free .You don’t have to pay any money for their premium functions and services. These extension are free but when you use in your chrome web browser .You see ads in the browser .As everyone know that how ads are to annoying for us. Free extension are good the ads are to annoying.

3.Affirmatives marketing
These are also free but they earn money by marketing their products and services to users.Their main source of income is from affirmative marketing.Their services are free for some extend. To use their premium services.The best chrome extension that fit in this place is grammerly.
Now ,you may know how do chrome extension make money.

How do chrome add ons make money

How do chrome add ons make money as you know some people called chrome extension into chrome add ons. Chrome add ons make money basically from three ways. first paid by users second by placing ads and third by affirmative marketing. I have given detail description about these ways in the above paragraphs. You can see them as they are given above.
Know you may know about “How do chrome add ons make money”.

Last words about this article

In this article ,I have told you how do chrome extensions make money, how extension make money,how do chrome add ons make and how extension earn money. If any off the information about this article is good please comment about the article.


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